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Know Why India Requires a Strong Missile Defense System to Counter Threats and Ensure Its Airspace Security

Source : IgMp Bureau

Know Why India Requires a Strong Missile Defense System to Counter Threats and Ensure Its Airspace Security

India is confronted with a multifaceted security environment, necessitating a robust defense mechanism to safeguard its borders against potential threats. While discussions often revolve around the efficacy of the Israeli Iron Dome system, India’s unique requirements may demand a more encompassing missile defense shield. Here’s a comprehensive analysis:

Pakistan’s arsenal of short-range ballistic missiles and long-range rockets, some with ranges exceeding 300 kilometers, poses a substantial threat to Indian border regions. While the Iron Dome demonstrates proficiency in intercepting short-range rockets and artillery shells, its efficacy against longer-range ballistic missiles remains questionable.

Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Program in two phases (Phase-1 and Phase-2, Phase-1 already operational, Phase-2 under testing/development stage)

India’s strategic landscape mandates a defense system capable of countering a broad spectrum of threats, encompassing ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and potentially emerging hypersonic weapons. A holistic Indian missile defense system (Ballistic Missile Defense – BMD) would offer a layered and adaptable defense strategy against these diverse challenges.

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Overreliance on foreign technology can pose limitations. Therefore, fostering a robust indigenous BMD program nurtures self-sufficiency in critical defense technologies. This not only diminishes reliance on external suppliers but also fortifies India’s long-term security stance.

An effective Indian missile defense architecture would likely adopt a multi-tiered framework. Lower tiers could concentrate on intercepting short-range threats such as rockets and artillery, while upper tiers could engage ballistic missiles at higher altitudes. This stratified approach optimizes defense capabilities and resource allocation.

Indian Ballistic Missile Defense Interceptors 1
Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Interceptors under Phase-1 (First four interceptors are under this layer) and Phase-2 (AD-1 belongs to this category, 1 more interceptor AD-2 will soon to be tested from this layer) BMD program

India’s DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) is actively advancing its BMD program. Operational systems like the Prithvi Air Defence (PAD) missile and the Advanced Air Defence (AAD) missile signify significant strides. Concurrently, the development of the Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile (LR-SAM) system is underway. These advancements, coupled with potential collaborations with foreign partners for technology transfer, hold promise for the establishment of a robust indigenous missile defense shield tailored to India’s exigencies.

While acknowledging the undeniable success of the Iron Dome, India’s strategic landscape necessitates a more inclusive missile defense apparatus. By investing in indigenous technologies and orchestrating a multi-layered shield, India can effectively shield its border regions, deter potential threats, and fortify its overall security posture against evolving challenges.

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