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Mission Shakti Part-2 : India to conduct one more ASAT test anytime soon, but this time from sea !!??

Source : IgMp Bureau

Mission Shakti Part-2 : India to conduct one more ASAT test anytime soon, but this time from sea !!??
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Mission Shakti Part-2 : India to conduct one more ASAT test anytime soon, but this time from sea !!??

As per renowned Indian defence news group Alpha Defense and several other renowned defence journals, India is going to conduct another test of its Anti Satellite Missile (ASAT) soon. But this time the test will be completely different.

As per the sources, this time the test will be conducted from sea based platforms just like Indian Navy and DRDO conducted a sea based interceptor missile test on 22nd April, Saturday.

The new mission will be called either Mission Shakti 2 or Mission Sagar Shakti, on which a modified Prithvi Defense Vehicle, with a new structure and reduced diameter and length will be tested from an Indian Navy ship, probably the INS Anvesh, from which the Anti Ballistic missile was tested on Saturday. You all have seen the land based ASAT missile the PDV Mark2 which is very huge in size, but here what we are talking about is a compact missile that can be fitted into Vertical Launch System (VLS) tubes of Indian Navy warships, so that it can be integrated on warships alongside their conventional cruise missiles, SAMs and ABMs.

You all may remember that India tested its ASAT missile for the first time on 27th March, 2019 when India shot down one of its own lower earth orbit satellite which was moving at a speed of Mach 30 and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi came LIVE on TV to announce the historic success !! But this time, instead of a satellite, a simulated ballistic missile will be used, where the simulated ballistic missile will be shot at mid course to mimic the role of a satellite.

It is very interesting to note here, that a Chinese spy vessel Yuan Wang 7 has already entered the Indian Ocean region, and it is currently at the Southern Part of the Indian Ocean, and as per intelligence sources, this ship has arrived here to track the data of all these important missile tests by India.

But it is more interesting to note that India, despite the presence of Chinese spy vessel, went on to test the Anti Ballistic Missile interceptor on Saturday, which shows the confidence of India over the reliability of its systems, a similar thing is going to happen in this test also (ASAT test) for which India has already issued intelligence to the neighbouring countries, and the Indian Navy is the master of bullying the bully, and here the Indian Navy is loving to bully the Chinese Spy Ship, while India sending a message to China, that, ‘We are capable of doing things that you can’t even imagine’. JAI HIND !!

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Mission Shakti Part-2 India to conduct one more ASAT test Mission Shakti Part-2 India to conduct one more ASAT test Mission Shakti Part-2 India to conduct one more ASAT test Mission Shakti Part-2 India to conduct one more ASAT test IgMp



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