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Philippines considering 40 Tejas Mk1A equipped with BrahMos-NG Missile for Maritime Strike Role

Source : IgMp Bureau

Philippines considering 40 Tejas Mk1A equipped with Brahmos-NG Missile for Maritime Strike Role

The Philippine Aerospace Development Corp (PADC) has embarked on a significant collaboration with the renowned Indian aerospace giant Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). This groundbreaking partnership is set to introduce the advanced Tejas Mk1A aircraft to the Philippines, tailored for a potent naval strike role, equipped with the formidable BrahMos-NG missile system.

Maritime Defense Reinvented: Tejas Mk1A and BrahMos-NG Synergy

With a substantial range of 290 kilometers, adhering to the MTCR regulation, the BrahMos-NG missile system promises to elevate the Philippines’ air power. Designed to counter the increasing presence of Chinese People’s Liberation Army-Navy (PLA-N) warships around its coasts, Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), and the contested Spratley Islands, the BrahMos-NG’s Mach 3 speed and pinpoint accuracy pose a formidable threat to the Chinese PLA-Navy.

Versatility Unleashed: Tejas Mk1A’s Weapon Package

Beyond the BrahMos-NG, the Tejas Mk1A showcases versatile firepower. Capable of deploying indigenous Astra Mk1 and Mk2, Israeli I-Derby-ER, and R-77 Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missiles (BVRAAMs), it also incorporates laser-guided bombs, indigenous Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon (SAAW), Rudram Anti-Radiation Missile, and Air to Surface Missiles. This comprehensive arsenal enables precision targeting of both ground-based and air-based threats.

Pivotal Alliance: PADC and HAL Redefining Philippines’ Defense Landscape

The collaboration between PADC and HAL marks a pivotal moment in enhancing the defense capabilities of the Philippines. HAL’s commitment to a partnership involving the local assembly of Tejas aircraft underscores the mutual trust and confidence between the two nations in addressing defense requirements.

Economic and Defense Synergy: HAL’s Offer of Indian Soft Loans

HAL’s offering of Indian soft loans emphasizes India’s dedication to fostering defense cooperation and fortifying bilateral ties with the Philippines. This financial assistance not only facilitates the acquisition of advanced military assets but also promotes economic synergy and technological exchange between the two nations.

Re-Horizon 3 Initiative: Philippines’ Proactive Defense Modernization

The decision by the Philippines to procure more than 40 multirole fighter aircraft, as part of its Re-Horizon 3 initiative, showcases the nation’s proactive approach to modernizing defense infrastructure and ensuring territorial integrity. Despite initial reports suggesting 49 aircraft for Php400 billion, official documentation indicates a figure of 40 fighters for Php405 billion, reflecting a strategic investment in bolstering the nation’s security apparatus.

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