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Republic Day 2024: Republic Day 2024: India shows off its top defence tech as Swathi radar, Sarvatra, Prachand, Nag march through Kartavya Path

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The Republic Day parade in India this year highlighted the nation’s prowess in indigenous defense technologies, with a focus on the “Swathi” weapon locating radar system, “Sarvatra” mobile bridging system, drone jammer system, and advanced radio frequency monitoring system.

Developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Bharat Electronics Ltd., these cutting-edge systems were featured prominently during the parade, showcasing India’s commitment to technological advancements in defense.

Indigenous Defense Technologies Steal the Show:

Swathi Weapon Locating Radar System:

The indigenously developed “Swathi” weapon locating radar system took center stage at the Republic Day parade. A joint effort by DRDO and Bharat Electronics Ltd., this advanced radar system exemplifies India’s capability in developing state-of-the-art defense technologies. The system is designed to accurately locate enemy weaponry, enhancing the nation’s strategic defense capabilities.

Sarvatra Mobile Bridging System:

Following the Swathi radar system, the Corps of Engineers showcased the “Sarvatra” mobile bridging system. This mechanically-launched mobile bridge plays a crucial role in providing strategic mobility to the armed forces, showcasing India’s commitment to robust infrastructure for military operations.Drone Jammer and Radio Frequency Monitoring System:The Corps of Signals presented the mobile drone jammer system and advanced radio frequency monitoring system. These technologies address modern threats, reflecting India’s proactive approach in countering unmanned aerial vehicles and monitoring radio frequencies for enhanced security.
Historic Cavalry Display and Mechanized Columns:61st Cavalry’s Horsed Cavalry Regiment:

In a unique spectacle, the 61st Cavalry, the world’s sole serving horsed cavalry regiment, led the Indian Army contingent. Major Yashdeep Ahlawat led the cavalry, showcasing a historic amalgamation of all “State Horsed Cavalry Units.”

Mechanized Columns and Armored Vehicles:

Following the mounted cavalry, the parade featured main battle tanks T-90 ‘Bhishma,’ the NAG missile system, a tank destroyer designed by DRDO, and various infantry combat and all-terrain vehicles. The mechanized columns showcased India’s military strength and technological advancements.

Indigenous Pinaka Multiple Rocket Launcher System:

The indigenously designed and manufactured Pinaka Multiple Rocket Launcher System added to the display of India’s defense capabilities. This emphasizes the nation’s commitment to self-reliance in defense technology.
Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile:

The parade also featured a medium-range surface-to-air missile with a surveillance range of 300 km and the ability to engage hostile aerial platforms within a range of 70 km. This missile system underlines India’s focus on air defense capabilities, ensuring protection across various threat scenarios.

Multi-Function Radar System:

Further demonstrating India’s capabilities, a multi-function radar system with a surveillance range of 300 km was displayed. This versatile radar system adds another layer to the country’s airspace monitoring capabilities.

Tightened Security Measures for Republic Day Celebrations:

Elaborate Security Arrangements:

With the Republic Day celebrations underway, elaborate security arrangements have been implemented across the country. In the national capital alone, over 8,000 security personnel are deployed to ensure a safe and secure environment for the festivities.

Traffic Restrictions and Border Sealing:

Special Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) HS Dhaliwal announced stringent measures, including the sealing of borders on the night of January 25. Heavy transport and light goods vehicles will be barred from entering the capital. Elaborate security checks have been put in place due to the sensitivity of the occasion.

Security Deployment and Intelligence Surveillance:

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Devesh Kumar Mahla highlighted the deployment of 8,000 security forces, emphasizing the use of technology and human intelligence for enhanced surveillance. Security measures have been intensified, with a focus on communication redundancy.

Public Advisory:

DCP Mahla urged the public to refrain from carrying small backpacks and bringing children under five years old to the Republic Day event. Additionally, Central Industrial Security Force has intensified security checks at Metro stations.

Nationwide Vigilance and Preparedness:

Security Measures Beyond Delhi:

Security has been tightened not only in Delhi but also in Jammu and Kashmir and naxal-affected areas in Odisha. The Indian Army, employing snipers and advanced technology, is ensuring heightened vigilance along the Line of Control in Bandipora, Jammu and Kashmir.

Specific Aerial Threat Measures:

Delhi Police, addressing specific aerial threats, outlined precautions against hand gliders, paragliders, para motors, aero models, drones, and short-range aerial vehicles. This vigilance is especially heightened after the recent Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Lord Ram in Ayodhya.

Women-Centric Republic Day Parade and Other Highlights:

Women Participation:

Major General Sumit Mehta announced a significant milestone – an all-women tri-services contingent participating in the Republic Day Parade. This contingent includes women troops from the Army’s military police and the other two services.

French Contingent and Flypast:

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, graced the occasion as the chief guest, marking the sixth time a French president has been the chief guest at the Republic Day parade. A special highlight was the French contingent’s participation and a flypast featuring 15 women on the planes.

As India celebrates its 75th Republic Day, the parade not only showcased the nation’s indigenous defense capabilities but also underscored the importance of heightened security measures. The inclusion of women-centric contingents and the participation of international allies added a unique dimension to the festivities. The nation stands united in its commitment to technological advancements and security preparedness, reflecting the spirit of Jan Bhagidari – people’s participation in the national festival.



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