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Russia rejects new Standard Map issued by China that included Russian territory inside Chinese land

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Russia rejects new Standard Map issued by China that included Russian territory inside Chinese land

Russia rejects new Standard Map issued by China that included Russian territory inside Chinese land

China released a new map on August 28 last week, in which it showed its share of India’s Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin. Apart from this, he had also released the Russian region as his part in the map.

Russia rejected China’s claims regarding this. Let us tell you that apart from Russia and India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal and Taiwan have registered opposition to the new map.

In its new map, China has shown the area from land to sea as Chinese territory. China is considered Russia’s closest friend. Despite this, showing the area of ​​Russia in the map raises many questions.

After the Chinese map was shown Russian territory, Russia did not react like India, but it rejected the Chinese claims and said that this map is against the bilateral agreement signed in 2005 to end the dispute.

china standard map 2023
New Standard Chinese Map 2023

Now after this matter, it is necessary to see what new turn can come in the relationship between China and Russia. Will their friendship remain as it was before or will there be a rift? It will be interesting to see.

Claimed as Chinese territory

The Chinese map claimed Bolshoi Ussurisky Island as entirely Chinese territory. China and Russia settled the dispute over the Ussurisky Islands in 2005 after decades of conflict. After this, the division of the disputed Ussurisky island was completed by 2008.

Under the agreement, China got 170 of the 350 square kilometers of the island as well as some other nearby islands. After this, Russia kept the rest of the disputed area with it. However, China also showed the part given to Russia in its map, on which Russia rejected China’s claim.

The island and surrounding area are at the confluence of the Ussuri and Amur rivers, which separate Russia and China. Questions about the control of this area were first raised during the year 1860.



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