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Silent sentry: A rail-mounted robot that will man the LoC to identify infiltration bids

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Silent sentry: A rail-mounted robot that will man the LoC to identify infiltration bids
Silent Sentry: A Rail Mounted robot that will man the LoC to identify infiltration bids (Image Source : Twitter @manishindiatv)

New Delhi: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday launched 75 defence products powered by artificial intelligence at an event titled β€˜AIDef (Artificial Intelligence in Defence)’ in New Delhi.

While some products are already being used by the armed forces, the rest are in the process of deployment. These 75 products are in the domains of robotics systems, cyber security, human behaviour analysis, intelligent monitoring system, supply chain management, voice analysis and C4ISR (command, control, communication, computer and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and operational data analytics.

Two such product that caught the eyes of many were artificial intelligence-based silent sentry and gesture recognition system that will give the Indian Army edge over its enemies.

What is silent sentry and gesture recognition system?

Silent Sentry is a key technology developed by the design bureau of the Indian Army to plug the gaps in surveillance networks. They are rail-mounted robots that are used as additional eyes and ears to enhance surveillance on borders. According to sources, it is currently deployed on the Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir. The Army design bureau has also shared its design with the indigenous industry so that it can be produced in large numbers. Such robots are also being used by South Korea and Israel to man their borders.

A video by News 18 India:-

AI enabled gesture recognition system, which has been developed by Bengaluru-based public sector unit Bharat Electronics Limited, can be easily integrated on a network of IP enabled cameras to enhance monitoring.

How will they help the forces

Silent sentry, which acts as an additional eye and ear, will help man the LoC to identify infiltration bids and on perimeters of units and installations to enhance the surveillance grid. It can do continuous patrolling for six hours and when the battery is down, it automatically charges itself by going to the charging point and then starts patrolling again. It recognises faces from its database and sends out alerts when someone sees an unknown. It can send data through wireless to a base 5 to 10 km away

Gesture recognition system will help the forces in determining if an approaching individual is a friend or foe. The system uses deep-learning to identify gestures like a human walking with or without a gun, crawling with or without a gun and crouching with or without a gun.



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