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Another big export clinched by Kalyani group !! Makers of ATAGS may have bagged an order of howitzer export to Saudi Arabia

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Another big export clinched by Kalyani group !! Makers of ATAGS may have bagged an order of howitzer export to Saudi Arabia
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Another big export clinched by Kalyani group !! Makers of ATAGS may have bagged an order of howitzer export to Saudi Arabia

Indian Armed forces have been import-dependent for various weapons & sensors, from assault rifles to fighter jet. However, the impetus towards self-reliance in last 5 years is slowly & steadily turning the tide. India is now on the verge of transition where it is not only looking to make all the weapons & sensors in the country but has also started making its mark in defence export.

In financial year 2017, India’s defence export amounted to Rs 4,682 Crores and it reached Rs 15,920 crore in the FY 2022 almost Rs 3,000 cr. more than the last fiscal year and increase by 10 fold in last 6 years. India ambitiously aims to Export Defence Equipments worth ₹40,000 Crore by 2026

The Major highlights of the export are ALH, Dornier-228, 155 mm Advanced Towed Artillery Guns (ATAGs), Brahmos Missiles, Akash Missile System, Radars, Simulators, Mine Protected Vehicles, Armoured Vehicles, PINAKA Rockets & Launchers, Ammunitions, Thermal Imagers, Body Armours.

At present, the exports are being made to more than 85 countries all over the world.

Last year, the two major highlights of defence export have been three batteries of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile to Philippines worth almost $375 million and 155mm artillery gun by Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited worth $155.5 million to be executed in 3 years.

ATAGS for Armenia?

The 155mm artillery gun exported by Kalyani is ATAGS for Armenia which has been not directly confirmed by Indian MoD but can be inferred easily as Kalyani has confirmed orders for 155mm gun and MoD has confirmed the export of ATAGS. The deal for ATAGS worth $155.5 million or approx. Rs 1,265 crore.

The armament system of the ATAGS which comprises 52 calibre Gun Barrel with Breech Mechanism, Muzzle Brake and Recoil System has been designed and developed to fire 155mm calibre ammunitions. ATAGS is not just any artillery gun but the world’s best artillery gun with unmatched fire power. ATAGS is able to fire till range of 48KM while the other artillery guns can fire at a maximum range of 40KM. The difference of 8km is huge as it keeps the artillery regiment 8KM behind the enemy’s artillery and literally untouchable. Armenia has already imported Swathi WLR from India. The Swathi & ATAGS – the deadly duo is going to equip Armenia with unmatched artillery fire power in the region.

Kalyani Howitzer for Saudi Arabia?

Recently, Saurav Jha from DDR has tweeted about the howitzer export order to Saudi Arabia. In 2020, the Kalyani Group had sent Bharat 52, a 155 millimetre (mm), 52 calibre (cal) towed howitzer and Garuda V2, a 105 mm gun mounted on a light vehicle chassis for added mobility.

At present, it’s not clear which howitzer has been selected but it can be expected to be either of the two guns which has already underwent extreme trials in hot condition of Saudi Arabia.



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