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China’s actions create possibility of ‘military hostilities’ in Indo-Pacific region: Report

Source : Asian News International (ANI)

China’s actions create possibility of ‘military hostilities’ in Indo-Pacific region: Report
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Beijing [China]: China’s ties with major regional partners, including Australia, India, Japan, South Korea and the United States are worsening every passing day, according to Global Strat View report. The smaller nations also have strained ties with China over the latter’s trespassing in their maritime limits. All these nations have accused China of using military threats to maintain its hegemony, encroaching upon other countries’ sovereign limits and silencing the critics.

The recent clashes between soldiers of India and China at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh have indicated “growing instability” in the Indo-Pacific region. China’s open threats to Taiwan add to the possibility of “political and military hostilities” in the region, Global Strait View reported.

India has sufficient military capabilities to stand against Chinese aggression, as per the news report. Furthermore, Taiwan is supposed to be defended against Chinese invasion by the US-led west block. In such a situation, any military misadventure can result in major armed conflicts, “making the Indo-Pacific region a warzone,” as per the Global Strat View report.

Chinese and Indian army personnel clashed over a border dispute in 2020. In December 2022, Chinese patrolling forces tried to enter the LAC in the Yangtse area of Tawang. However, Indian troops stopped the Chinese forces from encroaching on Indian territory and forced them to return to their posts.

Nations in the South China Sea and the East China Sea are also gearing up to confront China’s military power. Japan is concerned about China’s claim on the Senkaku island. Japan has felt the higher probability of armed conflict due to China’s growing offensive in the region over Taiwan. Tokyo has withdrawn restrictions on military build-up.

Japan in its new security strategy described China as “the biggest strategic challenge.” China’s name was mentioned even before nations like North Korea and Russia, as per the Global Strat View report. China has responded to Japan’s new security strategy by sending warships close to Japan. China has been sending its navy ships through Japanese islands.

The South Korean government is also facing tremendous pressure as it gets trapped between the US and China, according to the Global Strat View report. However, South Koreans want their country to be prepared to counter China, as public opinion about China has grown negative in recent years.

According to polls, South Koreans exuded confidence about being close to the United States and supported nuclear weapons to create a bulwark against China’s assertiveness. Many nations in the Indo-Pacific are moving close to the US as they consider China’s hegemony, military expansion, and threats ‘unhealthy’ for the region’s peace, prosperity, and stability. (ANI)



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