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DRDO completes design phase of LR-SAM under Project Kusha, often regarded as ‘Desi S-400’

Source : IgMp Bureau

DRDO completes design phase of LR-SAM under Project Kusha, often regarded as 'Desi S-400'

India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) achieves a crucial milestone as it wraps up the design phase of the Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile (LR-SAM) under Project Kusha, often dubbed as ‘Desi S-400’. This marks a significant leap in India’s endeavor to fortify its long-range air defense capabilities.

Project Kusha: Empowering Indian Air Force (IAF) with Cutting-Edge Defense

Under the stewardship of DRDO, Project Kusha aims to arm the Indian Air Force (IAF) with a formidable defense mechanism against diverse aerial threats. The LR-SAM system, a centerpiece of this project, is engineered to thwart an array of adversaries including stealth fighters, conventional aircraft, ballistic and cruise missiles, precision-guided munitions, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Multi-Layered Defense Strategy Unveiled

Project Kusha unfolds a sophisticated multi-layered defense strategy. While specifics are closely guarded by DRDO, leaked tender documents hint at an intricate system incorporating multiple missiles with varied ranges. The arsenal may comprise missiles with ranges of 150km, 250km, and potentially extending to 350km. This comprehensive defense architecture ensures a robust shield against aerial threats from different distances.

Aggressive Timeline for Enhanced Air Defense

With an ambitious timeline set for Project Kusha, DRDO envisions the completion of testing and induction by 2028-29. Such a timeline necessitates a proactive development phase, projected to kick off around 2025-26. With the design phase now concluded, India’s air defense capabilities are poised for a substantial augmentation in the foreseeable future.

The successful culmination of the design phase for LR-SAM marks a pivotal moment in India’s quest for enhanced air defense capabilities. Project Kusha, spearheaded by DRDO, not only signifies technological advancement but also underscores India’s commitment to bolster its defense infrastructure. As the project progresses towards realization, India stands on the brink of a new era in national security, fortified by cutting-edge indigenous defense systems.

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