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For the first time LCA Tejas spotted flying with ASRAAM

LCA Tejas spotted with ASRAAM

In Aug 2021, BDL and MBDA have signed an agreement to establish Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile(ASRAAM) facility in India. This facility will perform the Final Assembly, Integration  and Test  (FAIT) of ASRAAM. Under the licensing agreement, MBDA will transfer the equipment and knowledge to BDL for establishing the facility. This new BDL ASRAAM facility will have the potential to also conduct maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of ASRAAM missiles. The facility can also be adapted to conduct final assembly, integration and test of the CAMM missile of MBDA.CAMM is the missile used by the Sea Ceptor naval air defence system that has been offered as Short Range Surface to Air Missile (SRSAM) requirement.

ASRAAM is a Within Visual Range Air Dominance missile. It is New Generation Close Combat   Missile with low   drag, aerodynamic   airframe,   unrivalled   speed   and manoeuvrability  throughout  its  flight. The increased agility make the  best  missile  in  its category of  weapons. The missile can be operated in full Lock On Before Launch and Lock On After Launch operating modes. The ASSRAM is an extremely capable Close combat missile which works on the principle of IR homing which makes it resistant to jamming. The missile has a range of around 25 Kms and is capable of pulling high G turns of upto 50g.

Recently, the image of an LCA Tejas carrying ASRAAM missile was shared on twitter by Deepesh. The integration process of the ASRAAM(or AIM 132) with Tejas’s seems to be nearly complete. This becomes extremely important as the delivery of LCA Tejas Mark1A is scheduled to start from February 2024. In August 2023, LCA Tejas has also test fired Astra BVR missile. The integration of Astra and ASRAAM – which lethal air-to-air missiles in their categories is going to massively boost the LCA Tejas air combat capability.

Mig-29 spotted with Rampage

On 1st December, Kuntal Biswas has shared the image of Rampage missile integrated with Mig-29 fighter jet. The first image of this missile was spotted on 30th August 2023, when three member UAE Navy delegation headed by Col Dr Ali Saif Ali Mehrazi visited INS Hansa to familiarize with Indian Navy’s Meteorological & Oceanological facilities as a step towards establishing cooperation in field of Meteorology & Oceanology. The delegation also visited Naval Flying Test Squadron & ALH MK III Squadron. The Goa Naval Area official twitter handled has shared the images of the visit where for the first time the Rampage missile was shown.

The Rampage missile has been procured by Indian Navy to be launched from Mig-29K fighter jets. It was also reported in December 2022 that Indian Air force is in process of integrating SU-30 MKI with Rampage missiles.

About Rampage

Rampage is a long-range, air-to-ground, seekerless, precision strike weapon. It has been developed for use in missions aimed at destroying high-quality, well-protected targets, such as communication and command centers, air forces bases, maintenance centers and infrastructure.

With simple, fire-and-forget operation, this autonomous, stand-off weapon, boasts high-survivability at supersonic speeds. Its focal precision prevents collateral damage at a lower mission cost than other existing solutions. Operable either as a stand-alone system or via an avionic system, Rampage supports video transmission on RS-170 interface and wireless communication, and can operate in any weather conditions, day or night.

It features high survivability, operational flexibility & enables salvo strikes against high value targets. The missile is 4.7m long with diameter of 306mm. It weighs 580 kg, powered by a solid rocket booster. It uses GPS/INS for guidance and has anti-jamming capabilities. The missile has CEP of 10m. It can carry General Purpose or Blast fragmentation or Penetration warhead. It is a subsonic missile with speed between 0.7-0.95 Mach and has impact velocity between 1-1.6 mach. The missile has a range of over 250 kilometers



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