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G20 Summit 2023: Indian Air Force AWACS, Fighter Jets, Air Defence Missiles Fortify Delhi’s Skies

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G20 Summit 2023: Indian Air Force AWACS, Fighter Jets, Air Defence Missiles Fortify Delhi’s Skies

G20 Summit 2023: Indian Air Force AWACS, Fighter Jets, Air Defence Missiles Fortify Delhi’s Skies

Ahead of the upcoming G-20 summit within the next couple of weeks, the Indian Air Force is taking proactive measures to enhance security. They are placing their airborne warning systems, including the advanced Rafale fighter jets, on high alert. Additionally, new air defense missile systems are strategically positioned at key locations to safeguard the airspace over Delhi and ensure the safety of this high-level international gathering.

In collaboration with various security agencies, the Indian Air Force is also deploying counter-drone systems and air defense missiles in the capital city to mitigate potential aerial threats. This comprehensive effort involves continuous surveillance by the Airborne Warning and Control Systems, commonly referred to as the ‘eyes in the sky,’ particularly focused on the northern regions of the country. The indigenous surveillance aircraft ‘Netra’ will complement these efforts by conducting regular monitoring operations.

Several air bases near the national capital, falling under the Western Air Command and South Western Air Command, are being prepared for immediate operational readiness. This strategic deployment aims to prevent any potential disruptions caused by airborne interference during the significant summit. Notably, the gathering will host esteemed leaders from nations including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Japan, France, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

To ensure the protection of Delhi’s airspace, the Indian Air Force has activated its surface air defense missile systems, including the Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) system with a range of 70-80 kilometers, and the Akash air defense missile system, which has been tactically positioned to counter potential threats.

In addition to these security measures, Indian defense forces are deploying their Special Forces to safeguard critical locations of G-20 due to the unprecedented scale of global leaders converging on the national capital. This level of preparedness mirrors the security protocols observed during national day celebrations like Republic Day and Independence Day.

Among the air bases set to be activated for the G-20 Summit, Hindan air base near Delhi takes prominence, alongside others such as Ambala, Sirsa, Bhatinda, and Adampur. These collective efforts showcase India’s commitment to ensuring a secure environment for the G-20 summit and exemplify the country’s dedication to hosting successful international events.



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