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Indian Air Force Dassault Rafale to take part in French multinational Exercise Orion

Source : Asian News International (ANI)

Indian Air Force Dassault Rafale to take part in French multinational Exercise Orion
Image Source : PTI (FILE)

Indian Air Force Dassault Rafale to take part in French multinational Exercise Orion

New Delhi: In a first, Indian Rafale combat aircraft are likely to participate in a multinational wargame codenamed Orion which is being hosted by France involving many of its NATO and other important allies.

β€œIndian Air Force Rafale fighter jets are likely to fly to France to participate in Exercise Orion being held at a French air base there. The wargames are planned to be held from the third week of April to May 5,” defence officials told ANI.

The aircraft likely to take part in the exercise are likely to be from the Western Air Command of the force which has the Golden Arrows squadron as part of it, they said.

The exercise is taking place in France with the Russia-Ikroane war in the backdrop where NATO led by US is opposing the Russian moves against Ukraine.

The Rafales of the IAF have earlier participated in wargames with foreign countries which took place within India including the ones with French Air Force in Jodhpur codenamed Desert Knight.

The French Air Force would be taking part in the wargames with its NATO and other allies with their Rafale and Mirage-2000 fighter aircraft.

Orion is reportedly the largest ever multinational exercise being carried out by the French defence forces which have involved their Army, Navy and Air Force along with their allies the US and the UK.

Over 7,000 NATO troops have reportedly taken part in the drill involving the land forces of their NATO allies.

The Indian Air Force is also going to take part in Exercise Copeindia from April 10 in Kalaikunda, West Bengal. There is the possibility that the schedule of the drills and availability of American F-15 fighter planes may see some changes, sources said.

The Rafale aircraft are the latest fighters to have been inducted into the Indian Air Force and are considered to be the most potent in the entire Asian region.

The 36 Rafales have been completely inducted and they have played a significant role in improving the country’s operational preparedness along both the borders with Pakistan and China. (ANI) India’s growing Military power



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