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Indian Army awards contract to Jindal Defence for the supply of 550 Taurus T-9 Submachine guns

Source : Financial Express

Indian Army awards contract to Jindal Defence for the supply of 550 Taurus T-9 Submachine guns
The new model will replace the Brigade rifles, imported by the company. In the photo, the T-9 MLOK carbine from Taurus (Image: Pedro Pligher/Money Times)

For the first time, Taurus Armas SA, a major Brazilian company, the JD Taurus joint venture, in collaboration with Jindal Defence, is set to supply 550 T-9 submachine guns to the Indian Army. The deal valued at approximately Rs 4.26 crore, marks a substantial advancement in bilateral relations, particularly within the defence sector.

With Taurus holding a 49 percent stake in the joint venture, this partnership underscores the growing cooperation between India and Brazil in defence, highlighting the potential for further collaboration to bolster security and military capabilities.

About Taurus

Financial Express Online has reported previously that the company is a global leader in small arms and this big order will ensure timely and best of the technology being available to the Indian armed forces and the paramilitary forces in different states.

First Ever 2+2 Secretary Level Dialogue

The recent 2+2 Secretary Level Dialogue between Brazil and India reflects the increasing momentum in defence cooperation between the two nations. High-level visits from Brazilian military officials, including the army commander and the Chief of Air Force, underscore the growing engagement and mutual interest in strengthening defence ties.

These interactions pave the way for expanded collaboration in areas such as joint exercises, technology transfer, and defence industry partnerships.

Who was competing for this order?

The Indian Army’s acquisition of 550 advanced submachine guns signifies its commitment to modernizing its arsenal and enhancing operational capabilities.

Amidst competition from vendors like PLR Systems, Jindal Defence, and Lokesh Machine Limited, this procurement showcases India’s indigenous defence manufacturing capabilities.

Jindal Defence’s Taurus T-9 submachine gun emerges as a formidable contender in India’s defence market, addressing the military’s procurement requirements while fostering competition and innovation within the defence ecosystem. Strategic partnerships with established entities like Jindal Defence play a crucial role in meeting the Indian Armed Forces’ operational needs and driving efficiency and quality improvements in defence production.

Moving forward, the collaboration between Taurus Armas SA and Jindal Defence underscores the deepening defence ties between Brazil and India. As both countries navigate the complexities of modern warfare and security challenges, strategic partnerships and technological exchanges will continue to shape the future of bilateral defence cooperation, ensuring peace and stability in the region.

The partnership between Taurus Armas SA and Jindal Defence represents a significant step towards enhancing India’s defence capabilities through technology transfer and collaborative efforts. This collaboration not only strengthens the defence industry but also fosters economic growth and employment opportunities in both countries.


Amidst the backdrop of the inaugural 2+2 India-Brazil Dialogue, Jindal Defence Systems Private Limited (JDSPL) inaugurated its state-of-the-art firearms manufacturing facility in Hisar. This venture, in collaboration with Brazil’s leading firearms manufacturer Taurus Armas S.A., marks a significant stride towards revolutionizing India’s domestic weapons production and reducing reliance on imports.

Fueled by investments from Abhyuday Jindal, scion of the esteemed O P Jindal family, the sprawling two-acre facility amalgamates global expertise with cutting-edge technology. With an annual production capacity of 250,000 weapons, JD Taurus is strategically positioned to address the escalating demand within India. In the upcoming fiscal year, the company targets a production output of 25,000 to 30,000 firearms, facilitated by rapid scalability and product diversification.

JD Taurus prioritizes stringent quality control measures, aligning with Taurus Armas’ standards, across all stages of manufacturing, from design to integration and testing. Col Amit Baveja (Retd), Chief Business Officer of JD Taurus, underscored the company’s commitment to indigenous manufacturing, in line with the ‘Make in India’ initiative. This commitment extends to nurturing local talent and driving socio-economic development in the region, with a primary focus on supplying superior weaponry to government sectors, including the military and paramilitary forces.

The facility boasts certifications for a diverse range of products, with substantial value addition in India for rifles, carbines, submachine guns, machine pistols, and revolvers. Salesio Nuhs, Global CEO of Taurus Armas, has lauded the commencement of production at the joint venture facility, expressing confidence in the combined strengths and technological advancements to meet the evolving needs of the defence sector.

Equipped with a dedicated shooting range and quality labs for rigorous testing, JD Taurus ensures the reliability and adherence to stringent quality control measures for each firearm. Compliance with ISO 9001 and 27001 standards underscores the company’s emphasis on quality throughout the production process.

Stringent safety protocols safeguard employee well-being, while skilled personnel maintain precision and quality standards in manufacturing processes.



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