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Tawang: India had Intel about China’s plan, PLA soldiers fired warning shots after being chased back, Report says

Source : Swarajya

Tawang: India had Intel about China's plan, PLA soldiers fired warning shots after being chased back, Report says
Indian Army troops at Galwan (Representative Image)

The Indian side had intelligence about China’s plan and pre-deployed troops in the region to overwhelm the Chinese, a new report on the clashes in Arunachal’s Yangtse on India Today says.

“The Indian side had pre-deployed. They had advanced intelligence about the possibility of such an intrusion and attack by the Chinese,” India Today’s Shiv Aroor has reported, adding that the clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers lasted between 25 to 30 minutes.

The Indian soldiers “practically” chased back the Chinese, the report adds. Indian soldiers also detained a few Chinese soldiers during the clash.

Forced to retreat from the site of the face-off, the numerically overwhelmed soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) fired warning shots to deter Indian troops, the India Today report says.

The Chinese soldiers involved in the clashes were armed with spiked clubs, taser guns and a variety of melee weapons.

The Chinese had managed to surprise India with crude weapons in Galwan. But in Yangtse, Indian soldiers were sufficiently prepared for it. At least one report suggests that the Indian side had its own melee weapons. Indian troops had “everything and more than what the Chinese had”.

This was not the first time Indian and Chinese troops clashed in Yangtse. The bone of contention between the Indian and Chinese forces in Yangtse is the 17,000 feet high peak that provides commandeering view of the area on both sides of the LAC. Indian troops are “in firm control to the top and its access routes from own side.”

In October 2021, Chinese soldiers transgressed the LAC and damaged unoccupied bunkers on the Indian side. The Indian Army had detained a few Chinese soldiers during the face-off. A transgression by over 200 Chinese soldiers was reported near Yangtse in 2016.



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