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Deadly Duo: India’s Stealth Ghatak UCAV and LCA Tejas Mk1A size comparison; How these two can wreck havoc on enemies together

Source : IgMp Bureau

Deadly Duo: India's Stealth Ghatak UCAV and LCA-Tejas Mk1A size comparison; How these two can wreck havoc on enemies together
Ghatak Stealth UCAV and LCA Tejas Mk1A CGIs by Harshal Pal

In the ever-evolving realm of aerial combat, the emergence of advanced unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) marks a pivotal juncture in military technology. Leading this charge is the Remotely-Piloted Strike Aircraft (RPSA) stealth UCAV, a formidable asset engineered to enhance the capabilities of manned fighter jets. Offering insights into its scale and potential, we unveil a computer-generated image presenting a side-by-side comparison of the RPSA with the LCA Tejas Mk1A fighter jets.

The accompanying computer-generated image provides a compelling juxtaposition of the anticipated dimensions of the RPSA and the Tejas Mk1A. Both fall within the Light-weight category, with the RPSA likely boasting a slightly smaller profile. Initial assessments suggest the RPSA’s Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) aligns closely with the Tejas Mk1A’s 13.5-ton MTOW, further solidifying its stature.

At the heart of the RPSA’s prowess lies its stealth architecture, evident in the sleek, angular contours depicted in the image. This design ethos serves to minimize its radar signature, rendering it elusive to enemy air defense systems. Such stealth capabilities empower the RPSA to conduct incursions deep into adversarial airspace for strategic operations.

Ghatak Stealth UCAV CGI by Harshal Pal

The imagery above portrays the Ghtaka UCAV equipped with an internal weapons bay (IWB), implying concealed carriage of missiles or bombs. This clandestine storage not only bolsters its stealth characteristics but also enhances its combat effectiveness. Propelling this aerial juggernaut is anticipated to be a Dry Kaveri engine, delivering approximately 46kN of thrust, facilitating sub-sonic flight for extended mission durations.

A hallmark feature of the RPSA is its autonomous functionality, conspicuously devoid of a cockpit in the image. This autonomous capability empowers the UCAV to execute take-offs, navigational maneuvers, and landings autonomously, minimizing pilot risk and expanding operational horizons.

The comparable dimensions and complementary capabilities of the RPSA position it as an invaluable asset alongside the Tejas Mk1A fighter jets. The Tejas Mk1A, boasting 4.5 generation attributes, brings unparalleled agility and cutting-edge avionics to the forefront. In tandem, the stealth and autonomous prowess of the RPSA serve as a force multiplier, augmenting the Tejas Mk1A’s efficacy across diverse air strike missions, including penetrative sorties into heavily fortified enemy territories.

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