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Egypt in talks with India for sale of Pralay tactical ballistic missile; India must exercise caution in tech transfer of state of the art defence item

Source : Indian Defence Analysis

Egypt in talks with India for sale of Pralay tactical ballistic missile; India must exercise caution in tech transfer of state of the art defence items
Pralay tactical ballistic missile (File Photo)

Pralay answer to the Chinese Rocket Force

PLAs PHL-16 also known as PCL-191 is truck-mounted self-propelled multiple rocket launcher (MRL) system of PLA Army. The system capable of firing eight 370mm rockets having a range of 350 km or two 750mm ballistic missiles having range of 500 km.

It can be used to fire two types of ballistic missiles. These missiles are 610mm King Dragon 300 with a range of approx. 300 km range and second one is a 750mm Fire Dragon 480 with 480kg of warhead, CEP of 30 meters and range close to 360km.

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Indian Army is inducting Pralay as an answer to the Chinese long range rocket force – especially the tactical ballistic missiles like King Dragon and Fire Dragon. Pralay can the answer for both the Chinese tactical missiles as its range and payload can be varied.

Pralay can carry payload of 350 kg to 700 kg high explosive preformed fragmentation warhead, Penetration-Cum-Blast (PCB) and Runway Denial Penetration Submunition (RDPS) at a range of 150 km to 500 km. It is comparable with Russia’s 9K720 Iskander in range and trajectory characteristics.

Quasi-ballistic missile

Pralay follows a quasi-ballistic trajectory and capable of taking sharp manoeuvre before striking a target. It is superior to traditional ballistic missile as it does not follow a complete ballistic trajectory, and which makes it difficult to detect. The JVC i.e., Jet Vane Control system provides the Pralay ability to deviate from typically ballistic or parabolic path and maneuver during ascent of the missile by deflecting rockets exhaust vanes. This is why it’s called Quasi-ballistic missile too.

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Pralay Missile Importance

Back in December 2022, it was reported that MoD has cleared 120 Pralay Missile which will be deployed along the borders with China and Pakistan. The missile would be inducted into Indian Air Force followed by Indian Army. Pralay could stand out as India’s only conventional ballistic missile potentially under field army control. It has been officially confirmed that Pralay would only be armed with a conventional warhead. Therefore, once Pralay is ready and deployed it will not lead to unintended nuclear escalation or misinterpretation. The nuclear missiles are the last resort for any country and India has no first use policy. In advent of war, the tactical ballistic missile like Pralay will be only used in large numbers for deep penetration strike making it absolutely critical for Indian Armed forces.

Egypt wants Pralay with ToT

As per the latest report published by Tactical Report – A geopolitical and market intelligence company specialized in the defense markets of the Middle East North Africa region, The Egyptian Ministry of Military Production (MoMP) is in talks with India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for a transfer of technology (TOT) and local production of Pralay missile.

Besides Pralay, Egypt has also show interest in BrahMos missile. Recently, we have seen multiple attempts between India and Egypt to increase defence cooperation between the two countries.

While India is looking to increase its defence export, it should be cautious of ToT – especially for the state of art and niche technology.



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