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HAL stands firm on the development of Indigenous Software Defined Radio for Tejas Mk2 despite having the Israeli option of B-NET SDR

Source : IgMp Bureau

HAL stands firm on the development of Indigenous Software Defined Radio for Tejas Mk2 despite having the Israeli option of B-NET SDR
Tejas Mk2 CGI by Kuntal Biswas

Despite the availability of the Israeli B-NET SDR for the Tejas Mk2 fighter program, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) remains steadfast in its commitment to developing its Software Defined Radio 1 (SDR-1).

The HAL-developed SDR-1 has entered the testing phase, showcasing significant progress toward integration into the Tejas Mk2. This homegrown solution is poised to deliver advanced communication capabilities for the next-generation fighter.

HAL is also working on the Software Defined Radio-2 (SDR-2), which will address VHF and SATCOM communication requirements.

The SDR-1 is a 2-channel software-configurable radio designed and developed domestically. It operates across V/UHF and L-bands, offering exceptional flexibility.

Waveform Versatility : The SDR-1 supports a wide range of waveforms, including traditional AM/FM, Frequency Hopping (FH) voice, and Dynamic Time Division Multiple Access (D-TDMA) networking.
Seamless Integration : With essential interfaces like MIL-STD-1553B for data transfer, Ethernet, and RS-232/422 for control functions, the SDR-1 ensures seamless integration.
Compact Design : Housed in a compact ½ ATR form factor with horizontal mounting, the SDR-1 optimizes space utilization.
Integrated Power and Cooling : The SDR-1 features built-in power amplifiers for both V/UHF and L-band channels, along with a DC fan cooling system.
User-Friendly Operation : The SDR-1 offers intuitive Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for mode selection and waveform loading, enhancing usability.
Future-Proof Design : HAL has designed the SDR-1 with future expansion in mind. The system can accommodate additional waveforms and support new frequency bands, ensuring long-term relevance.

By prioritizing the development of indigenous technology, HAL is not only enhancing India’s defense capabilities but also bolstering its position as a leader in aerospace innovation.

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