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India and France plans to co-develop 6th generation engine for AMCA stealth fighter

Source : IgMp Bureau

M88 2 Engine

India and France plans to co-develop 6th generation engine for AMCA stealth fighter

Emmanuel Macron’s much-anticipated Republic Day visit to India is set to transcend the realm of bilateral relations, taking a monumental leap forward for the nation’s ambitious fighter jet program. Unconfirmed reports are rife with speculation that India is gearing up to unveil Safran Aerospace, the French aerospace giant, as its engine partner for the pivotal 6th-generation engine development under the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) program.

Beyond Rafale: A Strategic Engine Partnership

This potential collaboration signifies a substantial stride beyond the existing Rafale partnership, with India eyeing self-reliance in a critical domain. The alliance with Safran, renowned for its avant-garde engine technology, is a game-changer in India’s pursuit of the “Make in India” initiative within the defense sector.

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Crafting a New Powerhouse

Unlike mere adaptations of existing engines like the M-88 propelling Rafales, the collaboration between DRDO’s Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) and Safran is set to birth a revolutionary 110kN-130kN thrust class engine from scratch. This ground-up approach ensures a genuine 6th-generation powerhouse, not only propelling the AMCA but potentially fueling an even more advanced fighter jet with a forecasted 40-year production span.

Versatility Beyond AMCA

The versatility of the new engine extends beyond the AMCA program. India envisions replacing the American F-414 engines on its Tejas MkII and TEDBF fighter jets after their standard 10-year service window. This opens up a new avenue for the Indo-French engine, solidifying the partnership and ensuring a sustained demand for this cutting-edge technology.

Strategic Significance: Reducing Dependence and Fostering Cooperation

The Safran deal, if confirmed, carries immense strategic weight. It significantly diminishes India’s reliance on foreign engine imports, thereby reinforcing its defense autonomy. Furthermore, it strengthens the Indo-French strategic partnership, nurturing technological exchange and cooperation.

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While the official confirmation is pending until Macron’s visit, the potential joint Indo-French 6th-generation engine venture is an electrifying development. It underscores India’s steadfast commitment to achieving self-sufficiency in advanced military technology, positioning the nation as a future pioneer in aerospace innovation. With Safran onboard, the trajectory of India’s fighter jets is poised to ascend to unprecedented heights, both in the literal and metaphorical sense.

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