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Indian light tank project Zorawar is approaching completion, with the first prototype expected later this month

Indian light tank project Zorawar is approaching completion, with the first prototype expected later this month

With the first prototype scheduled to be shown later this month, project Zorawar, India’s ambitious initiative to construct a new light tank, is almost finished. The Indian Army’s weapons will be greatly enhanced by this homegrown weapon system, which has remarkable protection, mobility, and firepower.

What is known about this much awaited light tank is as follows:

Power of Fire​

The 105mm John Cockrill High Pressure Rifled Cannon is the heart of the Zorawar. With its 5546mm barrel length and autofrettage technology, this cutting-edge weapon can fire APFSDS rounds at an incredible 1600m/s. With its improved penetration and range, this outperforms India’s present 105mm L7 British weapon.


The American-built ACE Cummins 1K HP engine powers the Zorawar. With a unique 2-piston design per cylinder, this 14.3L 4-cylinder engine achieves maximum efficiency in a compact size. The tank’s manoeuvrability and agility are further improved by the Advance Combat Transmission 850, which has 32 speeds and a drive-by-wire mechanism.


Even on difficult terrain, the 6-wheel chassis’ sophisticated hydraulic strut suspension modules provide a steady and comfortable ride. The Indian military maintains strict secrecy about the armour layout, although it is anticipated to be a multi-layered composite of ceramics, space-age materials, titanium, and anti-fragmentation elements that offers strong defence against a variety of threats.

Overall, the Zorawar light tank represents a considerable advancement in India’s domestic defence capability. This formidable and nimble weapon system is set to revolutionise combat operations and provide the Indian Army with a decisive advantage in forthcoming battles.

The Zorawar, with its cutting-edge technology and remarkable specifications, is proof of India’s dedication to advancing defence technologies and safeguarding its interests as a nation.



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